Quotes and Past Exhibits


“The works of Doug Hatch speak to me”. 

Jake Stockinger, Art Critic, Capital Times. 2003.


“Doug Hatch’s paintings are vibrant, fresh and powerful.  Taken from his observations of contemporary American life and forged into his own unique style”.

Peter Bartlow, Director, Bartlow Gallery, Chicago. 1992.


“Hatch’s gut reaction to the everyday world is likely to be the viewers’ as well.” 

James Auer, Journal Sentinel, Art Critic. 2004.


“An ironic, critical and humoristic point of view shows through in Hatch’s work and helps set him apart from other artists.”

Peter Bartlow, 2003.


“To look at the paintings of Doug Hatch is to confront a distilled form of reality – but one that, for all its exact details, intense color and heightened ordinariness, leaves you with a sense of mystery in everyday life – His art leaves you in wondering.” 

Jake Stockinger, 2003.


“’Drawbridge’ is a stunning exercise in all-over sharpness and voluptuously implied depth.”

James Auer, 2004.


“Hatch is particularly adept at stripping nocturnal scenes of a human presence – yet at the same time finding an eerie undercurrent in eve the most banal subject matter.” 

James Auer, 2004.


“Most of our senses get dulled by the bombardment of things we see everyday, but Doug sees things freshly.”

Peter Bartlow, 2004.


“Differences of light and shadow, color and mood, line and angle – all contribute to the near melodramatic intensity of Hatch’s naturalistic oils, conte-carbon drawings, and full color woodcuts.” 

James Auer, 2004.


The works of Doug Hatch exist in over 250 collections in the United States and Europe.